Beginagin 2020

Number 9

The shift easing in taking time to get comfortable with the tool.

Week 7 you’ll be ready to have your Self Portrait.

First class: SHUT DOWN the computers. Talk and get to know each other. THEN take control of the computer by powering it up yourself.

Truth: This class could be an easy A, because I grade on effort. You may have heard A for Effort is not really good, but in this class, it is good as gold. I don’t expect you to make Alist movies, because it’s not easy! But making something is more than good enough, if that something comes from your authenticity. Make real stuff, stories you know, about things and people you know, what you know, do, think, say, sing, make, whatever is you, and you’ll do well if you complete the work.

Alright then.

This is not about shooting video. That’s the production side, this is post production, After the production, POST. And I hope you’ll shoot lots of your own video, starting right now.

TIME FOR REAL. The countdown is on. Lock and load, The ship is departing. Get aboard and hoist sails.
This is it. Fuck it. It is what it is.
All in. The work is real. Get in to-it!

Recognize good news when it hits

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October 5, 2020 · 2:36 pm

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