2019, Say What You Mean

You like that? Harder than it sounds. My daughter caught me hedging already, when I said, “Do you want to bring me a towel?”. “Dad, it’s twenty-nineteen, say what you mean.”

Being direct hasn’t always been a strong suit. Some say I missed my calling for the diplomatic core, as my political speech patterns strive to make all parties comforted. Standing for something means standing against something else; saying what I want means speaking commands, at least that’s what my thought. That’s what I was afraid of, as I strove to avoid conflict of any kind. This is my new year’s resolution, to be direct with myself and others. To ask for what I want, and say what I mean. To be truthful.

Yes and no is going to replace “sure.” Maybe’s are going to be the last resort instead of the go-to. Decisions are going to stand in the place of over-thinking, and move me boldly forward. Blogs are going to be published instead of placed on a permanent preview. Let the unmasking begin.

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January 2, 2019 · 5:29 am

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