Growing the Mindset

I am suddenly fired up. I watched a TED Talk that spoke to what I have been looking for in my work: HOW to continue to improve and some compelling reasons for why. Attitudes are more crucial than technologies.

The “Growth Mindset”: it’s not a new term, but like many nice ideas, it lacked real meaning beyond my own story. I get the idea, but this talk gave it flesh and bones. Not only do I see how to work toward improvement more clearly, but I believe his assertion that the way I’ve been approaching improvements hasn’t been optimal. This aspect may have the most impact for those who believe playing the game is more important that practice, which this talk debunks.

It seems easier (and more fun) to play the game, but a majority of time should probably be focused on the many ways to prepare and reflect on the game in order to make real strides.


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March 8, 2017 · 2:56 pm

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