its pretty bad the writing that happens and doesn’t happen in the span of an average day spinning in the chair, today. Wondering. some people can’t even read. some can’t rite or spell. it si importante that we have clarity clear writing to express thoughts in a way that we can get to the point. we can use or not use or not care in poetic langourage how people think of us. Things of us reman on the page. This 1 exampl.

Use paragraphs.

I see less bad writing than the English teach hers {but a bit lately and wonder if we can survive without writing. writing good. Well, Just text me. All emojies, all the time. I like the freedom not worrying about the punctuation situation and stiff rules that govern the runes the ruins of symbolic expression we find ourselves in now. then ; forever. There are still good writers. Even if I misspill all the time. Even if they can’t get it in the lines. (They, not me, because I’m a great believer in good form. I love knowing how possessive catapostrophies work. And hyphens, glorious hyphen-nation this country was built on hyphens.

I want to forgive every person who misspelled. I know some beloved people who made spellling errors and still moved people with their wordles. Moved them deeple. Deepened their understanding of teaching and

Said beauty. Full things. Real things and despite their lack of preparation for the next edu-level went to our great accepting collegiate experiment in community of learning. Welcome ALL. You are welcome. We’ll nurture you to be better writers, because you are good learners, Courageous gorgeous people all.

To get back to my thesis question: no, and yes. We can survive without being able to write well, but we wont thrive. Let’s agree to forgive and get gooder at everything.




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November 7, 2016 · 8:42 pm

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