Whatt’ya Know?

Not much – but I can learn whatever I need to. As a great Yavapai teacher says, slightly tongue in cheek, “The truth is I’m not crazy about teaching, what I really love is learning.” And what better way to learn than to teach; learning to be humbler, much humbler than I was when I made the lesson plan.

It’s written somewhere on the inside of my eyelids, that whatever I think I know, well, I could be wrong. Bing! Free. Free-er. I feel freer when I remember that, because I struggle with feeling wrong, when in truth I’m never wrong, as long as I don’t have to be right.

Wonderful. SO… how does that feel in front of a class of students, to not know? Students have said that among the top (2, 6, 8, 12, – many lists out there) things they want from their teacher is expertise in their field, teaching technology proves me an amateur almost every time. Last night I got real and showed the class that I don’t actually know what those sliders mean, I just know that if you jiggle them around you’ll get the desired result. Later, on another effect that has just TWO sliders, I didn’t get the result I wanted, but the students did. I got that awesome learning feeling.

Flustered, no! heck no, thanked them.

Ok, yes, in the back of my mind I was berating myself for not figuring this out beforehand. I am happy students are empowered to discover, and I remind them that I sure donno everthang, but I wonder at what point they may distrust or disregard my lessons if this shows up too often. Where is the sweet ‘learning together’ spot?



October 27, 2016 · 11:32 am

4 responses to “Whatt’ya Know?

  1. Hi Thatcher,

    Yes, we can prepare as much as possible, but a good instructor knows how important it is to be vulnerable in front of the students and to give credit to them when they show insight and skill even beyond their teacher. Isn’t that the idea anyway? Don’t spoonfeed, empower!

  2. Well said! It’s your passion for learning the helps STUDENTS learn!! 🙂

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