Day 1

These are notes on teaching from Day 1.
It didn’t go according to plan due to assuming they had Gshare access.
I never said get the HDs, but it was strongly implied. Who has one of these? I could’ve asked. Always look for the question!
More questioning, more listening – to open up the class. Less talk
What about opening the program at the outset, and seeing what questions arise, then asking them to show everyone what they’ve learned? That’s day 2.
Need different lighting, to show the students between classrooms in the iTV environment, and for general mood. The overhead is oppressive.
Arrange students in pairs. Work in the program, that’s what they want to do, not be lectured at. Get the hands on.
I should do less directing of attention to a specific person.
Ok, next time.


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August 24, 2016 · 5:14 am

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