Unsticking the Global Digital Citizen

The clouds passing over the butte have been spectacular these past couple mornings.TBmornClouds

I’m thinking about being a global digital citizen, and the work our class has been doing on this subject. Of the ISTE standards for tech coaches, equal access seems to have been the most discussed. There are people, passion and posts around this subject because teachers see the sneakers on the ground every day. They know that their students do not have uniformly equal access, nor do their schools or institutions have the equipment, infrastructure or personnel to provide it, and without this basic component, how do we even get started? The problem is huge, the reasons are many.

I makes me feel very stuck.

I recall a leader at my college saying to me “you will never have 100% adoption (of technology)”. It was disappointing, it was liberating. I am a perfectionist who wants to solve all the world’s problems. I go the extra mile every day helping students and teachers be their best, get their work done, keep moving forward. I do what I can to influence the leadership to make our classrooms and schools and world better. And there will continue to be waste and failure and inequality. Accepting both facts gets me unstuck for a while.

I play small-ball. I can help as many as I can be more digitally literate, which will make their digital experiences better, which makes them better learners, which makes them able to help a friend be more digitally literate. It can spread. You know the story of the grains of rice and the chess-board.

Of course I’m not throwing out equality, I just can’t stand the feeling of futility and stuckness. Until the mandates are funded, I have to approach the global gulp with the idea that these people in front of me right now are the entire world. Right now I can provide something. The global goals sometimes overwhelm me and I have to put it into perspective or be paralyzed.  I will connect them to the skills and tools to go global, but start by thinking about how these things connect them to each other, the 25 of them, or the 3 of them. How do these things connect them right here in the small town where they live? Let’s start here, with awareness of the great Internet, and then doing it one person, one Skype call, one person sharing, one post, on comment at a time.


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September 16, 2015 · 4:52 pm

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