Begin the Day with a Friendly Voice

Wow. This link to my Canvas course just led me to a 404 page. Whose fault was that? Can’t these major companies get it together? Wow.. and..

Shhhh… little critic man. Maybe they click a little too fast too, like..who? You? Do we get further down the path by getting a upset, or could we reflect on the humanity behind the glowing computer screens? Because if there’s humanity there, then we’re a little more connected, a little more sane. The machine logic makes paves these digital roads but the allowance for human follow is where we have to keep going to, again and again. Machine-like perfection seems attractive, but it’s a fatal attraction.

green skinned young man with cyber machine parts integrated into his headIf I can remember to love the humans there behind the rectangular glowing gardens of led light, then annoyance and upset can turn into the rejoicing that we are still living, breathing, mistake making beasts. Don’t be annoyed, just don’t. Laugh instead.


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August 4, 2014 · 3:56 pm

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