Canvas DB: Sans Subjects?

It seems every time I go into a discussion board there’s some new quirk to discover, and Canvas gives it up this time. The course I am in has all posts opened up/expanded by default. When I collapsed all posts I realized that they don’t have subject lines, just the name of the post author and the first few words of the post’s content. Shortcoming?

Because I’m used to posts having a subject/topic line, I am biased toward having one, aren’t you? Aren’t blog posts, emails, news and MOST content bundled in a heading-content combination?

It’s strange not to have them, and I imagine that Canvas is relying on searchability to allow readers to parse out topics, and their absence may be a space saving device. Fine, BUT I do enjoy a good scrolling scan of the topics to see what’s there. Search relies on a person knowing what they are looking for, and I certainly don’t always have something in mind. I like a good browse, and this omission strips away one of my conventional means of scanning information. Canvas users: is this something that course authors can control?




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