It Takes a Learning Village

It’s all me, I have to be perfect, and that means doing it ALL.

Scratch that from my totem, slice it from the body of my past…. learn instead to not only rely on others, but delegate responsibility for things to them. Whew…breathe… For those of you who already have this expectation, I envy you, and now I will join you in casting the weight of the world off my tiny shoulders.

The professor said, “…the world is full of Excel users, so I suggest hunting for someone in your local community who might be able to help you out on occasion.” and that did it. He is admitting that we should not rely on his instruction for everything, which is how I saw classes (and other things) being, with all knowledge flowing from the instructor. While I understand intellectually that the world of education is not so unilateral, I don’t think I really believe or act that way. What freedom! For the instructor, who, by inviting other experts to lend a hand, is saying that he doesn’t have to have full control; for students, who can act independently and take responsibility for their learning in all kinds of ways in the real world.

Deep breath. The heavy weight of perfection and controlling is melting away…

More personal revelations to come.


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