MOOC in EduStats Starts Today

I just watched the course video tour of “Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals!”, Canvas Network course by Dr. Lloyd P. Rieber from the University of Georgia. I have a good feeling about the course already after watching the tour of the 5-week course, especially hearing and seeing Dr. Rieber in the video, where he lays down the coursework and, more importantly, his atttitude that the course should be enjoyable. I am more convinced than ever that not having this kind of introduction is unacceptable. He even provides brief directions for using the embedded YouTube videos, which also should be par for the course but is usually lacking and left to tech support, which may or may not even exist. The more that instructors take on the technical aspects of support the less student time will be wasted and lead to more student success. Teachers that blatantly refuse to be involved in the medium of online courses the more fear and uncertainty students will approach the course with. What happens when we approach an experience with fear?

I am interested in seeing how hypertext affects our attention and learning, so I am refraining from using linked text, a default strategy that I am choosing to subvert in the interest of keeping you, dear reader, engaged with the entire post before clicking off the lala land. My approach to this was influenced by Nicolas Carr’s “The Shallows”.


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