Blog Protocols

It’s never too late, I’m thinking, to talk about how blogging can be done even better. The do’s and do-not’s. A do-not I see here in our fledgling EDu255 community is posting a link only, and a ‘dirty‘ link at that.

growing a sprout in a handfull of dirtSharing links is great! But in a blog, you really should include at least a sentence or two of your commentary. I want to know what this link goes to and why I should click it. I may know and trust that everything you post is worthy, but you are also blogging to the free world, and blogs are meant to be a personal voice. I want to hear that voice telling me something they learned from this link, why they think it is worthy of my time, and even better, something to look for when I go there. If you are posting a link to one of the multifarious lists, be they 5, 7, 10 or 100 of the best of this or that, it’s nice to point out one of those things on the list that you think is particularly interesting or personally relevant. This is an expectation that comes with blogging.

A dirty link is the link as it appears in the URL field in the browser (aka: the http:// blba-=ldljk/983724la..asjfij etc.). It is customary to make some text like this movie I enjoy the hyperlink, instead of pasting the URL directly into the post.

Following the customs of blogging will help grow your PLN’s more fruitfully.

Oh, and of course if you just want to share a link, maybe bookmarking it in Diigo would be a good share, at least if you know your community is connected through that.



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4 responses to “Blog Protocols

  1. Your point is well taken, and as a novice blogger, I appreciate the feedback. It is rather like a preview mode for email isn’t it? Thank you.

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