How to scan anything

flatbed scanner with dinosaur on itMuch like my other greatest tip of all time ( use the keyboard command COMMAND plus – or + to zoom in and out (mostly in) on your browser – website type is too dang small! ), this one is going to make some people say “no duh” while the lucky others will say ” hallelu – yuh”.

Need to scan a document but don’t have a document scanner? Whip out your digital camera or, more likely, your phone, and take a photo of the (paper) document. Wa-la, you just scanned it, now send it wherever you need to via email and such. The old flatbed scanner still has a place in the formal doc-scanning world, but if your point is to convert paper to digital, you have a camera somewhere, right? I just helped my dear mother with this when her old HP scanner stopped working. I felt like a super-hero. Now this advice doesn’t come without a couple tips:

– put the piece of paper flat on a decently lit surface and

– check it for clarity by reviewing the shot and zooming in

Aside: who the heck still needs a Fax machine in 2014?!

And on a related note: my friends were considering buying a flipcam, the ‘brand’ of which is now out of business, but why oh why would you? When you have: a digital camera that can take video – all of them do, and always did – and a phone that probably does and can then upload it to wherever you need to put it.

Your (smart) phone is basically all you need for basic quality stuff.


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