Downes Learning Network Presentation

With the many many interruptions in-between, it took all day, from the time I pressed play this morning to this second, to watch the entire show, but it was worth it. For one thing, I don’t know how or why what the heck took me so long to get hip to Stephen Downes, but now I’m on board. I noticed his tweet “Video of my talk ‘A Personal Learning Framework'” and that seemed topical for this weeks’ subject in EDU255.

I learned more about: MOOC structures, personal learning networks and their future development, active and passive learning, and many historical notes on all these. It clarified many fuzzy points and was entertaining to boot – he has some nice cats and a messy house.

It also opened me up to my own prejudices about learning and to some extent, people in general. I am a very open guy, but it always astounds me when I’m confronted by them. Prejudice is too strong a word actually, I mean assumptions. If I can give you advice from all this, take a second from your busy life to check out things that people you trust point you to, before years pass by.


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