Embed w/o Unwanted Suggested Videos

no more bad suggested videosIf you use the embed code on YouTube and uncheck the box below the code “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”, you won’t have the grid of suggested videos youtube places in the video when your’s ends, which avoids some of the unpleasant things that sometimes appear there randomly.

To use the embed code, click “Share” under your video, then select “Embed”. The code will appear below it in a box. Uncheck the “Suggested…” box before copying the code.
Then in your post, after writing the words you want in your post, click on the tab next to “Visusl” in the post editor: “Text”. Paste the code you copied into the post and publish.

youtube embed code

BONUS TIP! You know sometimes the embedded video player is too big for the webpage and bloats itself over areas it shouldn’t? You can set the size there before you copy the code to make it any size you want.


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February 3, 2014 · 4:38 am

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